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01 April 2011 @ 07:02 pm
I'm back!  
April Fool's!

LOL, no, but really. I think I'll be trying to post here more often even though I really have nothing to say about my life right now. So...do people even remember me on here anymore? Haha.

Really excited for Big Bang's new stuff coming out. So far the styling looks okay, some parts I have issues with, but I always do. d: The song preview sounded okay, too. I wonder if either of the two new songs is the song from BigBangTV...doubt it, though. But yeah! I'm most excited for choreography, though. I wonder if Shaun's doing choreo for the new stuff, too. Hope so!

Anyway, nothing much else I want to say. I have more stuff to say on Twitter if you wanna follow me there. :D

So see you later!

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